Wrexham couple launch animal physiotherapy web app

A husband and wife team based at WREXHAM have launched a new web application that has put them at the top of their field for equine and canine rehabilitation programs.

Dave and Laura Clinton of Rossett created Equicantis, which allows animal physiotherapists to create and send bespoke exercise plans to their clients.

Laura is an equine musculoskeletal therapist who has treated horses for 12 years, and Dave is a software developer and runs Titan Webtech Ltd.

Laura saw a gap in the market for a platform containing a library of exercises for horses and dogs that fellow animal therapists could use to send their own exercise plans to their clients after work appointments. physiotherapy.

She said: “The idea came out of my own frustrations as an equine musculoskeletal therapist.

“Writing up exercise plans or trying to create my own digital versions was very laborious, and not always efficient for the client who was often unsure of performing the exercises correctly, which ultimately comes at the expense of the horse.

“I decided there had to be a better way. I knew there were web platforms that successfully addressed this issue in human physiotherapy, but nothing united both equine and canine physiotherapy.

“And since I happen to be married to a software developer, we got together and got to work on creating Equicantis.”

The web application includes a library of equine and canine exercises with photos, videos and descriptions.

The animal therapist can then create an online plan for their clients prescribing the exercises that would be most beneficial for the rehabilitation of their horse or dog and modify the sets and reps accordingly.

The owner then receives the plan via a link so that he can access it on his phone and watch the videos as many times as he wants for more precision.

Laura said, “My goals were to help pet physios reduce the time they spend on administration, while providing pet owners with an easier way to access their exercises and increase their confidence in performing them for the overall purpose of helping the animal.

“I’m thrilled that we were able to make this happen and I’m thrilled that the new features that are in the pipeline continue to grow and improve this platform.”

• Equicantis currently has registered animal physiotherapists worldwide. For more information, visit www.equicantis.com.

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