Tech founder celebrates Black History Month by launching first web app to promote equity and access.

MyOH Family Central – Creating Equity and Access

MyOH founder Edward DeJesus with some young social capital builders

Black Tech Founder Celebrates Black History Month by Launching First Web-Based App to Help Families Address Equity and Access Issues.

Many young people have professional resources in their family and community, but they never contact them for help.

—Edward DeJesus

COLUMBIA, MD, USA, Feb. 22, 2022 / — Edward DeJesus, a recognized youth development expert, knows that “it’s not just what you know or who you know; it’s who knows you and loves you that makes the difference.”

That’s why he developed the first social capital building platform for young adults – MyOH Family Central. MyOH, short for My Opportunity Hub, is designed to improve economic opportunities for young adults by educating families about the power of social capital and helping them build it with key industry players and supportive adults, all which can be an important source of labor market. career development information and support.

“Most young adults don’t realize the richness of the bonds of social capital all around them,” says DeJesus. “Many young people have professional resources in their family and community – people who know and love them, but they never contact them for help.”

DeJesus, a Bronx native with Cape Verdean roots, started Social Capital Builders (SCB) in 2018 after noticing low levels of social capital literacy in middle- and low-income communities. His business has grown steadily ever since.

Adam Douglass, Technical Director of SCB, says, “When I first met Ed, I knew I wanted to be part of this mission. Ed hit him on the head. With 65-80% of Americans getting jobs through connections, someone needs to teach young people the power of this overlooked asset and give them a tool to help them build it.”

With less than 2.6% of venture capital invested in black-owned startups, DeJesus leaves nothing to chance. This is why he is turning to crowdfunding to support the development of this essential platform. “70% of jobs in the United States are never advertised or advertised inappropriately,” says DeJesus. “Young people cannot apply for jobs they don’t know exist. Where’s the fairness in that?

SCB is working hard to build a robust virtual educational platform and put the finishing touches on the MyOH web application. MyOH is expected to be rolled out next month across multiple workforce development programs. The goal is for students to use MyOH to connect with industry stakeholders early in the training so that by the time they complete the training, they have someone inside showing them the way.

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