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It’s been a while since we’ve had a photo challenge, so dust off your cameras and photo albums and have fun!

This month’s theme is cats and dogs . It could be a live animal, a statue, a stained glass window…anything that matches the theme. The only rules for posting photos are:

  • They must be on the specified theme
  • These must be your own photos.

There is no price; it’s just for fun. If you don’t take photos yourself or don’t have anything suitable to post, then join us in ‘voting’ for your favorite photos using the ‘Like’ button.

I hope there are plenty of suitable photos from other members, because I have very few.

This dog is part of a couple guarding the main entrance to Inverness Townhouse.


My dogs are not the photographer type. You go to their level to take a picture, and they come to see you. So we have a few quick shots but nothing…refined.

This is usually what we get…

This is our Newfoundland, just over a year old when this was taken

He loves his toys…

Although if we catch him in a lazy mood, we can take some weird pictures…

One of the few times we were able to have them pose. My wife threw a birthday party for our nine year old boxer…


Oh, I found this other of the two

Our cat is almost impossible to photograph…we end up with the back of his head or extreme close-ups.

Or be clumsy hanging from your cat tree


“I’m just keeping your computer warm for you, Dad!” »

The boys are waiting for a lizard to appear

Lucy, my familiar, asleep on the logs


It’s usually impossible to get a good picture of our little man/monster Thomas when he’s awake.

You usually have to look for him while he’s sleeping. But every time in a blue moon…


Did someone say dogs??

Dino, a borzoi, about 12 years old

Friend, 1 year


Here’s another one from a few years ago. Cats on the doormat.



That’s a lot of cats…what exactly do you have in your house that they want? :sly:


Food, probably :slight_smile: I tried – and failed – to count how many are on the mat, but we had 26 at the time.

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Took this last year shortly after we brought it home…

He took all the toys out of the basket (hence the mess) then climbed up and fell asleep


My eldest when he wants attention (even if his legs are failing him so he can’t climb like that anymore)


I forgot I had those photos. Here is our friends’ dog as a puppy:

It’s her, about two and a half years old, picnicking and walking with us and another friend.

We must have exhausted her, because as soon as we got back to the car, she was in it and sleeping!


I took this over the weekend. One of the “Clydedale Dalmations” you always see in Budweiser commercials featuring Clydesdale horses.

And the pair (they were funny in that neither of them looked alike…that was the typical pose they did…)


Oh. I forgot that I took them too. Irish Wolfhounds at a Celtic festival recently.

I liked this one because it spoon fed the dog mashed potatoes. Soon he had the three he fed like that :lol:


Some late entries. These are a few years old now. A few dogs of dog statues.

This stone dog is in Ravenscar in North Yorkshire. It’s Robin Hood’s Bay in the background.

This is an iron dog found on a houseboat in Kingston upon Thames, West London.

Guess this dog is fiberglass, spotted in the back of a lorry, traveling around London’s Wembley area.


I had forgotten about this guy until I saw @SamA74’s iron dog. He lives at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow.


And since cats seem to be under-represented, here’s a Pallas cat from Edinburgh Zoo’s first Giant Lantern event in 2017:


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