Microsoft Edge Canary has a new web app sidebar

Last month, Microsoft was testing the ability to sync PWAs in Microsoft Edge. This feature hasn’t reached general availability yet, but in a recent build of Microsoft Edge Canary, Microsoft started testing a “web app sidebar,” as the folks at Neowin noticed.

The web app sidebar is basically a feature put in place to make it easier to access web searches. However, it is not automatically enabled and is hidden behind the “#Edge-webapp-sidebar” flag, indicating that Microsoft is still running tests to determine its effectiveness and efficiency.

Yet, as a Reddit user, Leopardeva64-2 discovered, based on the description provided in Edge’s flags while researching this new feature, that people would benefit a lot from it. When the sidebar is enabled and open, you can simply type some text into the sidebar search field and retrieve relevant web links, just like Bing.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, Microsoft is also testing a new full-screen mode button for Edge that aims to improve PDF viewing for users. Also in testing since December is a “Performance Detector“, which can help you see your resource usage, performance issues, and suggest actions to improve overall performance.

It is not yet known when these features will arrive in the stable version of the browser, but it could happen in a few weeks. As usual, Microsoft must first complete testing with Edge Insiders and collect respected feedback.

Update: An earlier version of this article stated that the Performance Monitor was a new feature. We specified that it exists since December. Thank you, @Leopeva64 for the correction!

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