LambdaTest launches HyperTest, the world’s fastest cloud-based web application and website testing platform

At a time when digital companies are releasing products and features at breakneck speed and looking to outsmart their competitors, testing code before releasing it to the public is of the utmost importance. HyperTest, which supports Selenium testing, enables companies to accelerate time to market by intelligently and dramatically reducing test execution time. Selenium is an open source project that supports web browser automation, using which developers and QA analysts in organizations can automate their testing to save time instead of testing each feature manually.

Existing automation test platforms are inherently slow due to the many network hops that occur during each test. In the traditional approach, triggered test cases are first sent to the Selenium hub, which in turn is scheduled to run on the best suited Selenium node. This leads to unnecessary latency as many network components are involved in the whole process. Additionally, multiple network hops with separate components lead to increased test flakiness, a factor that is the biggest hurdle to time to market.

HyperTest unifies all components into a single execution environment that eliminates those network hops and reduces test execution times. This allows companies to test code and resolve issues at a much faster rate and therefore speed time to market.

“Traditional solutions barely scratch the surface when it comes to test execution speed. We wanted to create the fastest test execution platform because companies are tired of slow test execution speeds. When modern digital businesses build top-notch features and products, they also need a top-notch test execution platform,” said Assad Khan, CEO, Lambda Test. “HyperTest runs as fast as an in-house Selenium installation and is up to 70% faster than other traditional cloud test execution platforms. never seen before. also comes with a lot of smart features that ensure the ease of running the tests.”

HyperTest comes with real-time console logs for test execution, smart test grouping to reduce total build time, artifact management, automatic reporting, and automatic retries in case of failure. It is also available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Founded in 2017, LambdaTest has raised nearly $25 million in financing investment companies such as Sequoia Capital, Telstra Ventures, Entree Capital, Leo Capital Holdings, Blume Ventures and others.

About Lambda Testing

Lambda testing The test execution platform allows users to run manual and automated tests of web and mobile applications on over 3000 different browsers, browser versions and operating system environments. Over 500 companies and over 600,000 users in over 130 countries trust LambdaTest for their test execution needs.


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