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Check how geometric shapes affect web design

Everyone had one of those subjects in school where they thought, “Why am I studying this? I will never use it again. Geometry, with its measurement of diameters and angles, might not have seemed very useful or exciting at the time. However, there are actually a lot of things you can do with geometry on a website to make your content easier to find and more engaging. Many websites these days are made up of overlapping rectangular blocks. However, if you crop large sections of your site diagonally rather than horizontally, as you might expect, visitors may experience a greater propensity to move further down a page.

Part of that is due to the downward bias, although the teak “peekaboo” on the following certainly helps too. Geometry (at least the Euclidean variety) is defined by straight lines, right angles, and the rare circular curvature. These shapes, especially circles and rectangles, have dominated web design since it was first conceived. Each default grid is rectangular and it was very rare to see a button or link in any other way. Recently, however, it has become popular to incorporate more exotic forms such as backgrounds, logos, content blocks, and a variety of other elements on the page.


The triangle symbol dates back to ancient times and has many different meanings, such as the pyramids in Egypt. The triangle can have different messages in web design depending on how it is drawn or where it is placed. Unlike other geometric shapes, the triangle draws the eye to its apex. The position of the triangle up or down can also symbolize different meanings. In the upward position, the triangle can represent direction, power or authority. The triangle is often used for warning signs to warn pedestrians or drivers of accidental changes or to redirect them to another location.

Sometimes the triangle is upside down for different directions. Some companies use the vertical triangle in their logos to represent some kind of authority or vice versa to show cutting edge concepts in their operations. For example, Mitsubishi tells potential customers that they are leaders in the automotive industry so they can trust their brand. Another company has an inverted triangle which indicates that it carries the ultimate attention to detail in car manufacturing.


The circles represent a more modern look used by graphic designers and businesses. For example. A business that offers printed materials would not use circles because their items are rectangular and would easily clash with circles.

Due to the shape, the circles represent movement and are infinite. The circle is often used to browse the Internet and perform actions on these sites. For example, clicking a button or a call to action. Circles can be tricky, but when implemented correctly, you can engage prospects on your client’s website to complete multiple actions.

Therefore, you rarely need to use circles when creating your web design projects for a visitor to see a circle that grabs their attention. On the other hand, it is better to find another path when creating a logo. You want to make sure your client’s logo stands out from the crowd.

Squares and rectangles

All of their devices, as well as monitors and screens, are rectangular and square, which is literally simple and easy to use. On the other hand, you can get lost in a mountain of those rectangular and square shapes for web and graphic design. It becomes more difficult for your customer to stand out from the crowd.

Rectangles and squares are widely used in web design and often signify conformity, balance, and equality. You can visit any web page and find many squares and rectangles for many purposes. They are used for the content of drop-down menus and other areas at the bottom of the page. People feel more comfortable and relaxed seeing these two common shapes on one page because there are so many things on the same page.

Too many squares and rectangles on a page can seem cluttered and, frankly, too simple. You cannot stand out from the crowd because there are thousands of websites that look exactly alike. You’ll need to scroll your own beater by curving the edges of the square or playing around with frames and borders if you want something simple while still allowing your client to stand out from the pack.

Final Words: How Geometric Shapes Affect Web Design

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