Daon’s IdentityX goes low-code for easy web application deployments

Daon tries to make it easier for organizations to use its IdentityX integration and authentication platform. To this end, Daon has released an enhanced version of the platform which can be deployed as a web application with minimal coding requirements.

The new solution is aimed at organizations that don’t want to spend the time and resources they would need to integrate IdentityX into their own native applications using Daon’s SDKs. The low/no code version of the platform is designed to be an out-of-the-box solution that can be set up in hours, while giving customers the ability to configure the platform with branded logos and custom workflows see you later.

“We are always looking for new ways to bring the unmatched power and data transparency of our IdentityX platform to new customers with the least onboarding overhead and the most time to market. short,” Daon Americas President Conor White said. “We are committed to empowering our customers on their own terms, which means making our most powerful capabilities fully available in any deployment configuration that meets customer needs.”

According to Daon, the improved platform will reduce an organization’s administrative costs, both because it requires less development time and because all data is hosted in Daon’s cloud (rather than in-house). . Daon already processes hundreds of millions of transactions daily, ensuring the platform can scale to meet the needs of any business.

Organizations that adopt the new offering will have access to more data and will be able to set their own identity priorities. The solution can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, and can provide coverage for desktop and mobile devices, and for app and browser channels. In this regard, Daon’s solution uses facial and document recognition to match a selfie to the image of a photo ID. End users only need to register once and their information can be used to enable biometric authentication in any enterprise channel.

Daon has spent much of the last year promoting its VeriFLY app, which gives people the ability to upload and share COVID-19 vaccine and test credentials while traveling. The company also optimized IdentityX for the ForgeRock identity platform in 2020.

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